Scottish mother pays tribute to Glasgow’s iconic Barrowland Ballroom with stunning tattoo

A Scottish spectator is “absolutely delighted” to honor Glasgow’s iconic Barrowland Ballroom by having the hall tattooed on her arm.

Maureen Grant, 53, waited five long months for a date at Paisley’s Chameleon Tattoos to pay the ultimate tribute to the Gallowgate Dance Hall.


Maureen with her daughter Eilidh
She paid homage to the Barrowlands with an amazing tattoo


She paid homage to the Barrowlands with an amazing tattoo

The Renfrewshire enthusiast, who runs a dog grooming business, has attended numerous concerts in the place where she lost count – however, a couple stand out from her.

She wanted to pay a proper tribute to the Barras after they played a big part in her life.

The super fan told the Scottish Sun: “I’ve been to so many concerts they are all so special. I went with my daughter to see some super weed, grabbed the drum stick and drummed it up. gave to Eilidh, it was a really cool time for mom.

“My husband and I were dating a few months and we broke up, a few months later he invited me to a concert at Barras Gene, the rest is history.

“I like the music, all the Paul Weller stuff, Pearl jam, skunk anansie, all the Manchester stuff from the 90s, the wonderful stuff, the ska, the 60s

“I love Sam fender going to the barras in a few weeks to see it, the show has been rescheduled about three or four times.”

Mum praised talented tattoo artist Krystine Rice for her spectacular Barrowlands masterpiece which took six hours.

She added: “After the lockdown the performers were incredibly busy, my daughter booked Krystine, I think it was about 5 months, the week before my date I had COVID, I was drained, but Krystine was eager to do so and she moved the dates around and got me a few weeks later.

“I wasn’t nervous, I knew I was in good hands Krystine is amazing, I was incredibly excited, it took six hours, there is red layered under the black to give a luminous effect, Krystine would be able to give you the science on it. “

This isn’t the first time Maureen has gone under the needle, added the body art veteran: “I have a few tattoos, going up the Gallowgate and seeing the Barras sign is pretty special. The tattoo had to be amazing. detailed.

“Krystine tattooed a few of my tattoos, we always talk about music and bands.”


The other revelers went wild on social media for the colorful creation.

One clubber said, “Excellent. So the 70s too.”

Another wrote: “This is amazing!”

However, one music fan suggested bringing out the already eye-catching design in a bustling sea of ​​lively revelers.

She recommended, “You should have had it in UV ink to make it shine in clubs!”

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Chameleon tattoo Paul Wilson said, “Thank you very much for mentioning our humble tattoo studio. We are of course HUGE fans of Barrowlands Hall and live music in general.

“We were delighted when Krystine’s client came up with her tattoo idea. We take pride in making all of our clients’ dreams come true and we are delighted to make this very special tattoo for this very special client.

“I’m sure everyone has had great memories in the Barras, or sometimes very fuzzy memories to say the least and I hope this tattoo reminds the client of all those good times, past and future.”

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