The 5 Most Torn MMA Fighters Today

If only muscles could win fights, the world’s most heart-wrenched MMA fighters would never lose.

Part of what makes MMA so fascinating to fans around the world is the diversity within the sport. With athletes from all seven continents chasing the same dream, different cultures, beliefs and beliefs are always on display.

In its early days, MMA was marketed as two competing disciplines, a boxer versus a wrestler, a kickboxer versus a judoka, and so on. These days, it is essential for a mixed martial artist to learn various combat disciplines to avoid falling behind.

But even with all this diversity coming from every angle imaginable, there’s one thing most MMA fighters have in common: their bodies.

They’re ripped, shredded, torn, yellow – as you want to describe them. Your average professional MMA fighter is in impeccable shape as this is necessary to gain any possible advantage in competition.

Here are the five most heart-wrenched MMA fighters today.

# 5. MMA Superstar and Global Icon Conor McGregor

It’s the most recognizable name in mixed martial arts history, and it’s absolutely ripped apart.

Love him or hate him, no one has achieved what Conor McGregor has done in his career. The Irishman has greatly aided the UFC’s efforts to shine the spotlight on mixed martial arts. He did this by winning fights in spectacular fashion after making a prediction, at least initially.

At his best, McGregor donned one of the most ripped physique in all of the sport. His mix of muscles is highlighted by his iconic tattoos, which include a gorilla on his pecs, his surname tattooed on his abdomen, and a lifelike portrait of a tiger emerging from the tall grass on his lower abdomen and pelvis.

This is in addition to the Celtic style thorns that run from her neck to her lumbar spine topped with a cross. Body art only further exaggerates McGregor’s ripped physique, which he has lifted from 145 pounds to 155 pounds, and even up to 170. Regardless of weight class, expect McGregor shows up on fight night looking as torn as ever.

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