PP-A sees that the commission of the Faffe "is born to die" and accuses Cs of being "conchabado" with PSOE-A to "boycott"

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The PP-A has insisted on Thursday that the commission of investigation on the extinct Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe) that is going to be created in the Andalusian Parliament “has been born to die”, at the same time it has accused Citizens (Cs) of being “conchabado” with the PSOE-A when vindicating the Presidency of this body “to boycott the investigation”.

This is how the PP-A parliamentarian and spokesperson for Employment, Teresa Ruiz-Sillero, said during the control session to the Government in the Andalusian Parliament, in a question in which she has demanded the trade councilor, Javier Carnero, to clarify if in the Faffe there were debit cards, at the time that accused him of being able to be “hiding data”.

The Minister of Employment, Enterprise and Commerce has replied to the PP-A parliamentarian denying that on the part of the Board has “hidden information”, and defending that, instead, on this issue from the Government of Andalusia have gone ” providing all the information in a timely manner “according to what was available at each moment, and” so we will continue acting, “he added.

Ruiz-Sillero has demanded that Carnero say “taxatively” whether or not these cards existed, because otherwise “they existed and, if he does not say so, he hides data, and that is a way of lying to Parliament”.

Regarding the commission of inquiry, after warning that “was born to die”, criticized the “political postureo” of Cs to claim the Presidency of the same to put in front “a president messed with the PSOE-A to boycott the investigation”.

The PSOE-A has also criticized that “has deliberately blocked the creation of the commission”, in his opinion, could have been launched in August if the Socialists had not submitted the letter against which they have now decided to withdraw.

Also, and after Carnero has explained again that they are waiting for La Caixa to send information about one of the credit cards that were in the Faffe – the other one was from Caja San Fernando -, the PP deputy -A has warned that “no one believes” that the entity has not responded yet, and that with this “the Government remains in evidence, because it seems that La Caixa is being pitorreando”.

“You can not spit on the Andalusians unless Susana Diaz consents to hide that data that can reveal more parties in the brothel,” added Ruiz-Sillero, who has considered that these alleged “are shameless,” just as it is “that the Government continues to hide data from Parliament and Cs is consenting to it”.

The counselor reiterated in his response that he had the same information that he had already moved last week in a parliamentary committee also in response to a question from Ruiz-Sillero, and, in this way, he insisted on pointing out that “since the beginning of the until its termination “to the Board” there are two bank credit card agreements, “one formalized with Caja San Fernando in 2004, and another signed with Unicaja in 2009, and” both on behalf of the managing director of the Faffe, Fernando Villén. “

He recalled that the Board requested the bank statement of these two cards to the aforementioned two entities, but to date they have received only the extract of the card signed with Unicaja, which “was sent to the legal office to be contributed to the court “. As for the extract requested from the former Caja San Fernando, he explained that “on July 24, the legal cabinet was informed of the need to have” said banking information.



In addition, the counselor has pointed out that the commission to investigate the Faffe the Board intends to provide “all the information we have,” and has called on the PP-A “be by your side if you really want to get to the end “in this matter, because on the part of the Board” we will reach the end “.

In that line, Carnero has stated that “I complied, complied with and complied with my obligation to comply with the law,” and claimed that there would be “absolute clarity, zero tolerance and the requirement of all the appropriate responsibilities” over “fraudulent use” of said cards “if there has been on Villén’s part if justice so determines.”

Finally, the counselor has argued that the Andalusian Government “is concerned about working for the Andalusians”, and does so by promoting spaces for innovation, employment plans or incentives for hiring, as reported. “The meetings I leave to you,” said Carnero in reference to the PP-A.

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