Term life insurance Comparison 2016: A direct hit, a failure

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Term life insurance Comparison 2016: A direct hit, a failure

In the current term life insurance comparison 2016, the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) examined 45 survivor protection providers in terms of price and performance. It turns out that especially the amount of contributions varies considerably. In the investigation, a provider reaches the full score. Another, on the other hand, is completely empty.


Risikolebensversicherung Vergleich 2016: Diese Anbieter ├╝berzeugen
Term Life Insurance Comparison 2016: 17 times very good

DISQ's 2016 new term life insurance comparison illustrates how important it is to compare different offers before taking out risk provisioning. In the survey of 45 providers, a total of 17 insurers score very good marks . However, eleven companies only achieve a sufficient rating, while six even fail with a poor rating. The results could hardly be more different. So convinced the test winner Europe with 100 out of 100 possible points. The life insurance of the LV 1871 , however, can not get a single point .

Top 5 in term life insurance comparison 2016

  1. Europe
  2. DLVAG
  3. HUK24
  4. BNP Paribas Cardif
  5. WGV

Term Life Insurance Comparison 2016 confirms current test results

The 2016 term life insurance comparison is not the first DISQ survivor protection test. A look at the results of last year shows that not much has changed in the test winners and losers. However, there are also positive examples , such as the insurer VPV, which has obviously improved its offer and now instead of a poorly achieved a good result. In addition , other tests confirm the outcome of the DISQ . For example, the winners of the WirtschaftsWoche, Dialogue and Community Life rankings are also among the recommended providers for the DISQ.

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Large price differences in term life insurance comparison 2016

According to the term life insurance comparison 2016, the contributions in the various offers are often far apart . "For term life insurance, a price comparison is urgently recommended before concluding the contract – especially since the performance of insurance products hardly differ," said Markus Hamer, Managing Director of the German Institute for Service Quality, to n-tv.

It is not uncommon for term life insurance to save a few hundred dollars a year by making a comparison. In addition to a cost check, it is also important for those interested to choose the sum insured correctly. Although you can save money by reducing the insurance benefits in the event of death. However, the sum is then in an emergency probably not enough to provide the beloved financial security. Experts recommend a sum insured equal to three to five times the gross annual income . If there are even larger loans, such as mortgage lending, the sum insured should be adjusted accordingly.

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